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School Librarian

Page history last edited by Emma Wallace 8 years, 6 months ago

Thursday 2nd Feb - St Mary Magdalene Academy library, Islington, London


A slightly unusual day - service NOT as usual - becaue my library assistant Vicki is off sick.  As a reuslt, the library unfortuately has to close break (40min) and lunchtime (2hrs).  The split floored library design (which opened in Sept 2008) makes it impossible to manage behaviour and limit student numbers when working single staffed. 

10am - Arrive at the Academy to start day off much as ususal by picking up the daily delivered newspapers from reception and carrying them down to display in the 6th form library.

10.15am - Scheduled year 7 Library homebase lesson already in full swing as I arrived 2nd floor of library.  As I  loaded up the catalogue Eclipse.Net  for the day, great to hear enthusiasm of children waiting to borrow, library books!   Not a quiet class but one that seemed to be utilising all the arears of the library.  Emptied the library return box positioned outside the library on the 1st floor - full as not been emptied for a few days due to Vicki being off sick - her help is so vital to effective and efficient running of the library!

10.30am - Phone call from regular parent library volunteer, Angela, who has unfortunately not been able to make it in this term due to ill health.  Her help and willingness to take on any task given, is of great benefit to me and the library.  There is an unrelenting amount of shelving to be done and one she always takes on.

11am - Emailing to set up various subscriptions including Turnitin (softwear to check for students plagiarising in essays) and New Scientist renewal.  I often arrange subcriptions for other departments as library is a good overseer of all and often keeps the physical copies of journals in the library

11.30 - Checking out the next 'SMMA staff book club' book to members 'Tales of a Midwife' currently serialised on BBC1. Various DVDs checked out to teachers needing them for lesson time ("do you have anything historical " etc)

12.15 - Finished my lunch break early to assist a yr 9 class last 15mins of lesson spent in library, choosing books. Teacher requested this slot after parents notifying the teacher that their children do not have any books to read at home.  Whilst teacher grappling with bad behaviour we have the relentless noise of glockenspiels being played by studetns out on the corridor on the floor above (another huge design fault of this library - it is partly open ceilinged so every noise can be heard, with the music department positioned on the floor above :-# )

12.30pm - Organising the IB Extended Essay - as IB Extended Essay coordinator I oversee this area of the 6th formers qualification. The final deadline for all essays being tomorrow I have spent a lot of time chasing up and explaining to supervisors how to mark, carry out the viva voce and fill in official forms in the last few weeks!

1.00pm - Getting stats off the library  catalogue on who has borrowed various IB 6th form textbooks (requested by teacher).  We have had a huge problem of students stealing textbooks, partly due to the design of the library. The 6th formers are positioned in the 1st floor whilst I work primarily on the 2nd floor of the library - this results in 6th formers being unsupervised, misbehaving and walking off with library books (so expensive!)

2.00pm - reaslied that many of the printed out exemplary/annotated extended essays I have placed in the 6th form library have gone missing. Hauled  all the folders upstairs and started printing off various Extended Essays on subjects that we currently don't have many on. This is a great way for students to see what the extended essay actually entails.

2.00pm - Year 8 class hasn't turned up for their library slot (this occurs occassionally).  

2.30pm - Borrowed school credit card to make some vital purchases from Amazon - lots of latest films! and books for the Key Stage 4 book collection (basically adult novels) as very popular and we don't have enough.  Ordered some textbooks for IB teachers (replacement for the ones stolen).

3.00pm - Create powerpoint for assembly I will be running on World Book Day, 1st March 2012. Trying to decide what tact to take to engage the kids - difficult!

5.00pm - Leave the building, exhausted!

To see what I did on Friday 3rd Feb, 2012 take a look at Primary Librarian SMMA

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