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Watch me juggle at the Los Altos Library!

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July 25, 2011


I'm sure we all do a lot of juggling at the library, whether we're paid performers or not.  The last couple of months I've had more projects in the air than usual, and the piles of papers are creeping together like a stack of cards.  So without further ado, here was my day yesterday, without a timeline, because I cannot remember what happened when, and I failed to write it down until today.


Arrive at work Monday morning.  A clerk and my circulation supervisor immediately tell me the alarm went off Saturday and Sunday.  The library has a temporary janitor working, and his code did not work, and two clerk codes did not work either.  I was already aware of this issue because I got a couple emails about it over the weekend.  I told them I would check into it.  I call someone at library headquarters to ask if she's updated our alarm codes yet, which she hasn't, but she'll send someone out to check on our alarm panel.


Open my email, have a few marked High Importance, some of which I forget to look at until afternoon and aren't critical anyway.  Some are messages from procurement and contractors regarding carpet, paint, and remodeling project timelines coming up in October.  I call the procurement manager at headquarters about some questionable dates and get it corrected, and we talk about how to convince my boss that the proposed closure dates are the best, since my library is relying on another library's furniture as temporary fixtures for a few weeks as they're doing remodeling too a month before mine.  Project planning!


I then email the contractors that these dates work for me, mark the tentative closure dates in our community room calendar, and give one of the supervising librarians a heads up about the tentative closure.


At some point I email my neighboring director of the Mountain View Public Library.  There has been a lot of local press in my community about library funding issues and we have been occasionally pitted against each other, and I would like to catch up with her about how things are going, so we make lunch plans for next week.  On the same topic, I email a community foundation member a California library report on public libraries (my boss forwarded me that report, thanks, boss!), as she had asked me about city and county libraries last week.


Another ball to juggle.  I am hoping that my library's Endowment will fund a major wayfinding project, as the library's signage is massively out of date, inconsistent, and not user friendly.  I call another Community Librarian about possibly scheduling a tour at her library to look at her wayfinding.  She is hoping to get funding for wayfinding too, hers needs updating.  That won't work.  I call the Endowment chair and invite myself to their meeting tomorrow to give the group a tour of the ineffective library signage, as well as to show them some mockups of another project the designer is working on for another library. 


I call a couple of janitor candidates and schedule interviews for next week after I get back from vacation, then email the other panelist to let her know and check her schedule in case we need time for more candidates.  I call another Community Librarian to get contact information for another candidate.


I cancel a staff meeting later this week and ask them for information for a report I need to finish early because of a short vacation.  I write most of that report, along with an update for the Friends of the Library Newsletter.  Finding the right, positive wording for the library funding issues takes me a while for both reports.


I call another candidate to schedule an interview.  Some minor hilarity ensues as with a language barrier with another member of the household.  The candidate calls me back after I email him and we get it figured out. 


A repair man shows up and I think he's there to check the faulty alarm.  After a couple minutes, I realize he has no idea what I'm talking about.  Instead, he's there to fix a bad battery on an emergency exit, which somehow was already fixed.  He shows me how to change the battery, which is good for me to know.  He also gives me an update on the broken door in the women's restroom.


I talk with our temporary janitor about the supplies he's using.  He has been using the wrong cleaning products, and I think he's bringing them from home.  I show him the green products and tell him they're environmentally friendly.  He says he doesn't have enough, so I ask a clerk to order more.


The designer calls regarding the wayfinding project, I update her on the meeting tomorrow.  We discuss questions that may come up, possible next steps, finding the right balance between me managing the project, her professionalism, and the Endowment's involvement. 


Checking email, my work account and my generic email account.  The usual stuff.  A parks and rec coordinator wants to host a class at the library, but I am unsure if we can do this if they charge a fee.  Check with the boss who says no.  Put contacting her about it on my to-do list for tomorrow.

There's an email from the management union about some potential changes coming up that will effect a lot of employees, hopefully for the positive.  I have a few conversations with staff telling them that things hopefully are looking good.


I make handouts for the Endowment meeting in the morning, write some notes, and do a walk through for the tour I'm going to give.  I ask some librarians some questions about signage and they give me good feedback that will be useful to share with the group. 


Sometime during the day, one of the pages gave me a "Plane Jane" Garbage Pail Kids trading card.  He and I chatted last week and he told me he was a big GPK fan and we got a good laugh out of that.  The card made my day, I took a photo, tweeted it, and it's hanging on my bookshelf.

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