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Veronica L C Stevenson-Moudamane said

at 1:50 am on Jan 25, 2011

It was a GREAT DAY here in the North Bay City of Novato in the fair County of Marin. The day started for moi, Interim Manager of Children's Services for Novato's Libraries, with a refreshing jaunt from San Jose (my City of residence) to Novato (the City that has become my "fourth home" and where I live during the work week). On the days I travel in from San Jose, I start around 10:00 AM. Today was no different and after a trip in and listening to the very "inspiring" audiobook of _The audacity of Hope_, I was "pumped." As soon as I walk into the Office, I turn on my computer and READ the emails for the day. I got a organizational meeting that I'm co-cordinating to be held on the East Coast so am EAGER to read any updates from my colleagues who have been in their respective East coast Offices for a while and may have responded to my Sunday night mesages. Well, I'm at my Desk for less than 5-minutes when I get a call for "assistance" at the children's reference Desk...apparently, school was out for a Teacher Professional In-Service Day (not known to anyone on my Staff prior to today) and there were numerous students in the Department. Yeah! for the students being in the library during their "OFF DAY," but "Boo" for me not being prepared by ensuring additional Desk coverage. So, there I am smack in the middle of busy~ness and crazy~ness, yet exciting rush of the department. I stayed on the Desk until 1:00 UNTIL I got word that The Reference Librarian had not had her break so ended up covering another 45-minutes on the Desk. At 2:15 PM I'm finally able to hit my Desk and read my emails. I contacted the City of Novato's Park and Recreation Department as the Children's Department and The Parks and Recreation Department are collaborating on a "Get Moving Novato" Initiative where we are encouraging residents to take First Lady Obama's challenge to 'get moving and get healthy." I confirm the delivery of the paperwork that I will use in my in-house Displays.

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