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Started New Job And Career Continues

Page history last edited by Herald Wong 9 years, 10 months ago

It has been more than two weeks since I last updated the Job Nearly Over But Career Continues page. Now that I have returned to school, there are two things:  I have started this new page to accurately reflect my job/career status and I will not be available to update this page as often as I could.

Since returning to school, er, actually, before starting school again, I got hired as a Student Monitor. So since I started school, I have been working as a Student Monitor. Among other things, I would pick up any serials or monographs that are on the tables, in the carrels, wherever they would be if not in the stacks, mark them as used, and shelve them. Along with these tasks, I would shelf read, one of the duties I quite enjoy and find relaxing. That is it for now. Have a nice day.

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