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Library Day in the Life-Tewksbury

Page history last edited by Diane Giarrusso 10 years ago

Diane Giarrusso

Library Director, Tewksbury (MA) Public Library


6:15 Drag myself out of bed to get to work by 8-ish
8:20 Roll into parking lot
8:25 Begin the 4th day of my new job–yay me for being able to get a new one in this crappy economy and poor job market
8:25-9:20 Wait for Town IT to get here to set up my town email–putter around office, checking figures on the annual statistical report…
9:20-10:45 Sit beside IT person as she tries to get my email to work and chats on the phone with tech support. Enter my email password approximately 23 times in the course of an hour
10:40-10:45 Rub my temples to ward off the headache I’m getting–thank goodness the IT person was fun to chat with…
10:45-2:30 Work more on annual statistics. Wonder why I can’t seem to get these figures to work out. Take a break to futz with my new email and check my consortia email. Finally figure out what the heck I did wrong with the figures–drat, it WASN’T the online form’s fault. Decide I need to eat lunch.
3:00 stir granola into yogurt. Try to remember what I did between 2:30 and 3…
3-3:15 Eat yogurt and read Will Unwound. Feel inspired to respond.
3:15-4:30 Wander to all service desks and check on everyone. Continue to try to organize the previous Director’s files so that they make sense to me. Maybe I’ll just start a new file for everything…
4:30 say goodbye to everyone and head home to be with my family. Hope the commute is easy tonight!



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