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Challenges and Satisfactions of Working at a Large Urban Library

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Thursdays: My Late Night


I've been here a little over two hours so far. I've listened to three voice messages that weren't important, and have spent the rest of the time on email.


The American Libraries Direct email that I received yesterday is full of fascinating stuff, including PC Magazine's top 100 web sites of 2009, and Family Tree Magazines 101 best genealogy web sites. Going through all of those has yielded some interesting sites that I might use at work, or recommend to patrons, but more are of personal interest, and I expect to spend a bunch more time looking them over at home. I did email links to sveral sites to colleagues and friends.


I am co-chair of the GLBT Round Table at ALA, so I get lots of email related to that which needs to be sorted into appropriate categories, responded to, etc. So far today the traffic has been light.


I'm giving two workshops at two related Transgender conferences in Seattle over Labor Day Weekend that are book/library related, and I need to make travel plans,meditation retreats and organize some of the materials I will be presenting.


The other project of the day is to continue my weeding project: I have completed weeding all the 300-319s in compact stacks and am partway through them in the public stacks. I have been hoping to get a barcode scanner attached to a third computer at the reference desk so I don't have to haul heavy book trucks back to my desk over carpeted floors.


Things are likely to get more interesting once I hit the reference desk at 3:00pm and then again from 6-8.


Signing off....

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